Physical Therapy

42076428_sThe goal of Physical Therapy is to either return you to your prior level of functioning or rehabilitate you to your optimum ability. Our team of Physical Therapists will work with you and family members, and other health care providers to ensure the goals of the plan of care are met and the patient outcomes are optimal.

Physical therapists examine patients and develop a plan of care that

  • promotes movement
  • reduces pain
  • restores function
  • prevents disability.


Therapeutic exercise and functional training are the cornerstones of physical therapist treatment. Our licensed Physical therapists are eager to work with you to prevent the loss of mobility by developing fitness and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles. Physical therapy helps individuals regain physical motion and strength and may be applicable for someone after a loss of balance, fall, difficulty walking, Joint pain, Back pain, Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery, A stroke, Heart Failure, a heart attack, any noticeable decline in function